Monday, April 20, 2009


I stumbled across a couple of poems I wrote a long time ago (back in high school!), and somehow they seem a little bit fitting to my situation now:


Falling down a staircase
Each step an eternity
A downward spiral 
Toward complete and utter darkness.

My scream pierces the calmness
Of the dark, crisp night
And all is still...
For but a moment.

I call for help
But receive no answer
I pray to God
But I do not hear his voice.

Does anyone care?
Is anyone listening?
Maybe I'm better off.  

And I wrap myself up
In my blanket of loneliness
Never again to be uncovered
And maybe...(never again to be?)

Don't Shut Me Out

Don't shut me out
You'll still hear me
Don't leave me hang
I might fall
Open you eyes and look closely
Try not to be so appalled
I may not be the person you want me
But I refuse to act out the part
Love me for me now or leave me
For I can't change what comes from my heart

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