Friday, April 17, 2009


It has been exactly 69 days since my world fell apart and the future of my family became as uncertain as the fate of a zebra viewing a pride of lions from afar.  On February 7th, 2009, while I was blissfully nursing my daughter and perusing the internet, boredom led me to me the home page of  I instantly noticed the inappropriateness of the "recommended" videos, with titles such as "Secret Camera Captures Women Changing" and naked bodies galore. This in and of itself did not send my internal alarms ringing, but then I discovered my husband was already "logged in" under an  e-mail address I did not recognize.  Now, many women may have overlooked this, but given the trust issues I already have due to a cloudy past and my husband's flirtatious nature, I knew this could be something big.  I waited anxiously for him to come home from work.  When he walked in the door, I led him to the office, where his secret e-mail address was already typed into the given e-mail site waiting for it's password.  Of course, he immediately denied it.  "It's not my e-mail address!  I don't know the  password!"  I was unrelenting.  He claimed his brother had set up the youtube account and must have made up a new e-mail address for him.  So I called his brother and got the facts, and the confirmation that my husband was indeed lying.  My  husband finally caved and entered his password before slithering out the door, and an abundance of lies were unleashed.  For nearly an hour, I sat in stunned silence, tears streaking down my face, as I opened e-mail after e-mail of correspondence between my husband (let's call him Bill), and the "other" woman (let's call her Tramp).  There were pictures of her naked, including a close up of down below, in addition to a picture of him naked.  Most of the pictures had been sent via cell-phone text and then forwarded to his e-mail.  Furthermore, there were e-mails from a few different women containing inappropriate content, and confirmation of a MySpace account I did not know Bill had.  Tramp's e-mails indicated her love for Bill with words like "I want to love only once and forever" and "I want to always be sensual with you.  I love making you feel good."  Can you feel the vomit rising up into your throat right now?  I can.  Wow, this is a long story, but I have children to feed, so I will have to continue later...

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