Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Another almost-freak-out

My husband gave me the passwords to his e-mail and facebook accounts after I found out about Tramp.  I check them almost every day now to see if there is anything suspicious, although I'm sure he's policing himself quite carefully so I don't really expect to come across anything crazy in the near future.  But today, I logged into his old hotmail account (which he very clearly hasn't used since I found about Tramp, although this was not the "secret" account) and found a weird message that made me panic.  The message said:  "Hey browsed around and saw your pics (very gorgeous) contact me back on windowslive messenger sexy22benz@live.com we live closer than i thought even lol".  As I said, I initially thought "more evidence" but then I realized it could be a mass spam message.  I sent a reply from my own e-mail account and received a delivery failure message indicating the recipient's inbox was full... so I'm assuming it was indeed spam, but I will continue to monitor... as any wise woman would. 

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