Wednesday, April 14, 2010

No more wavering...

My days of wavering are over; therefore, I suppose it is time to change the name of my blog.  

This past Thursday evening, as I walked into the living room where my wayward husband was sitting, I saw a flash of light on his right hand side and a quick movement of his hand.  He then grabbed his cell phone from his left hand side.  Being the self-educated private investigator that I am, I immediately asked him to show me the cell phone he had just put in his pocket, although I hadn't actually seen it.  

He quickly stood up and handed me his cell phone (the usual one, in his left hand).  He said, "I was just texting Matt.  You can look if you want."  As always when he gets busted, he looked like a deer in headlights.  I felt his right pocket and said, "Why do you have another cell phone in your pocket?"  His response:  "It's not a cell phone.  I don't have anything in my pocket."  B.S.

I grabbed the phone and was only able to see the words "Liked the pic you sent last night" before he grabbed it away and deleted the entire contents of the phone.  After hurling swear words at him for awhile, I calmed down and asked him how in the world he could still be doing such awful things.  His reply:  "Well, did you really think we were going to get back together?"  and "I think I was just waiting for you to say good-bye."  

What a coward.  I am moving on to bigger and better things.  

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